Thursday, 27 April 2017

Amelia - Will it Sink or Float?

Walt: Explain things that will sink or float.

Task Description: Today I made a presentation that was part of the team 4 blogging challenge. This has been set up by Mr Goodwin for kids who wanted work for the holidays. It was one of the most hardest presentations that I had to do not kidding. Anyways to do this I had to read a lot about Buoyancy. I had to read what makes a ship float and how it connects to other things. Then I had to make a presentation to see what things in my household (THAT MY MUM SAYS IS OKAY TO WET) to test if it would sink or float. I tested several things from Balloons to toilet paper! Then I wrapped it all up by talking about my results! Thanks for reading!

By Amelia  

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Happy Anzac Day!

Walt: Create a presentation representing Anzac day.

Task Description: Happy Anzac day everyone! Today is Anzac day and me and my friend Lillyana decided that we should make a presentation on behalf of Anzac day. First we started off by explaining what is Anzac day, and as most people should know It's a day where we celebrate the lives of people who fought in war for New Zealand and Australia. Did you know Anzac has a meaning? Each letter represents a word in the presentation it shows whats the meaning of the word Anzac. We also added the famous poem about Anzac day. Then at then end we just added photo's just to make some memories about them! Thanks for reading and "We will remember them!". 

Monday, 24 April 2017

Zoo Animals!

Walt: Plan your trip to the zoo.

Zoo Map

Here is the Auckland Zoo map above. It shows the places all around the Auckland Zoo. Of course I'm going to be seeing A LOT of animals but below this is a presentation which shows you the three animals that I chose and those are the ones that I am going to be looking at ( Hippo, Rhino and the Giraffe ) To find out more information about the three animals please check out my presentation below!

Task Description: This is my presentation about my Zoo visit. This is not the real deal guys this is just school normal learning! Anyways this has been set up by my teacher Mr Goodwin for people who really want to blog in the holidays. I had to choose 3 animals that I would really like to see, and I had to write down information about it and why do I want my fake class to see that animal. The animals that I chose were the hippo I'm a big fan of hippo's, The Rhino and best for last Giraffe. I also had to figure out how much would it cost for 3 adults ( 1 teacher and 2 parent helpers ) and 30 students. The whole cost for that is $774 I know too much! You can see how I worked it out in the presentation. The Maths bit was really hard and I could not cope but I managed to do it. Thanks for reading my blog post and I hope you enjoyed it!

By Amelia 

Amelia and Bethan's Favorite Foods!

Walt: Make a presentation about your favorite foods.

Task Description: Everyone LOVES food right? Well me and Bethan decided to share with all you viewers what are our favorite foods from breakfast to desert! To do this a created a presentation about it. First I created a theme using a background colour and word art. I started off by adding a little box to the side describing what we eat every period. Then I added further more detail by adding photo's of what we like to eat during that period. One of my favorite bits were lunch time where I enjoy eating cultural food. Anyways hope you enjoy the presentation me and Bethan made!

Please visit Bethan's AMAZING blog links below:

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Friday, 21 April 2017

Be Switched!

This a book that I've finished reading which is called Be Switched! The authors name is Kate Saunders. She is an English writer from the United Kingdom. She has written a lot of amazing books too! So this wonderful book is about a girl named Flora. Somehow a magic spell suddenly spun Flora into the past. Flora is mysteriously swapped with a school girl from 1935! I KNOW AMAZING! But Flora discovers that there's hardly any technology around these days. What will she do? I hope you have enjoyed the little snippet from the book. I highly recommend this book for adventures people! Big shout out to Kate for the amazing book. Stay tuned for more blog posts! 

Naomi and Amelia Games!

Description: Me and Naomi decided that we should do a presentation together about games. In this presentation you just get to play little games like find the e or more. We've tried our best to make it as fun as you like ( Only 2 games! ). I also added detail by making an effect on the background and changing the font. If you hop on Naomi's blog their is a presentation that is very similar to this which is called little games! Enjoy!

Naomi's Blog 

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Paper Planes!

Walt: Gather information about paper planes

Task Description: This is a presentation about Making Paper Planes. This has been set up by Mr Goodwin for kids who want to blog in the holidays! To do this I first had to read an artical about what makes paper planes fly? To do this I had to make 3 paper airplanes. Then out of the three paper planes I had to do a review about each paper plane. We also had to choose with paper plane was the best. Read the presentation to see my winner. Anyways enjoy it!